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What a weekend!  For those of you who joined us for our Independence Day Weekend Bash, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did (except for the rain!)!  The bands were rockin’ and the lovely ladies of Cape Coral were strutting their stuff on the dance floor like no one’s business!

Never fear, though, Dekheads – we have plenty more planned for you in the coming weeks!

We know that summertime is typically a bit rougher financially than season months around here.  And we also know that despite that, people still gotta drink, right?!  So, we’ve devised a plan that will make all your worries disappear!  Here’s what you do:

#1 – Get your butt to The Dek.

#2 – order any Budweiser product (Bud, Bud Light, Ultra, Becks, Corona, etc.)

#3 – Get your Raffle Ticket(s) from your bartender.

#4 – Be here the following Tuesday 6-9pm and listen for your name to be called


It’s as simple as that!  If your name is drawn, you will win a bar tab right here at The Dek!  Every single Tuesday from 6-9pm we will be giving away $500 in bar tabs!!  That’s $2,000 each month, and $6,000 this summer!!  How’s that for helpin’ keep your wallet full during off-season?!  Win even ONE of our drawings, and you could drink FREE all summer (or, if you drink like me – one night lol!)

So, there you have it – the proof is in the pudding shot:  Summertime + The Dek = Free Drinks & Good Times!  For more information about this promotion as well as everything else we have going on at The Dek, make sure you check out our brand new YouTube page.. TheDekLive


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