A Unique Escape Room Experience!

Since bars were forced to close their doors earlier this year due to COVID, our team had to adapt. With the entire staff out of work and no end in sight, we began brainstorming new ways to give our loyal customers the experience they’ve come to expect while still maintaining social distance & following CDC guidelines. After many attempts at creative curbside service, delivery, etc., we thought we had exhausted all options.

On July 25th, our management invited the employees to participate in a 1920’s Prohibition-Themed Escape Room right here at The Dek. It was so much fun that we decided to allow our customers to try it out in small groups, and they loved it! While waiting for the state to open back up in a pre-COVID capacity, we began hosting groups for this unique escape room experience.

Since Halloween is so big here at The Dek, we retired the Speakeasy theme and converted our inside bar into a Haunted Carnival Escape Room!

As Floridians know, Governor DeSantis made the decision to open up the state in full capacity on September 25th. Since we had already made reservations with so many of our loyal customers to experience our Haunted Carnival, we had to adapt once again. We were lucky enough (and our amazing customers are so understanding!) to be able to switch time slots for the afternoon groups so that we could open the bar to the public during daytime hours while the inside bar remained closed so that we could honor those reservations. With our final escape room groups scheduled the night before Halloween, we were ready to get back to our regular set up! This has truly been an eye-opening experience for everyone involved. During the pandemic, people across the world have had to adapt and overcome. Our close family of customers & staff at The Dek have been amazing & selfless in helping each other get thru this.

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