St. Patty’s Day Has Passed

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Another St. Patty’s Day has passed….

Season is here & is in high gear!  St. Patty’s Day weekend was AWESOME!  Everyone had a great time Saturday Night with one of our best bands, MODEL CITISIN, taking the stage at 9:30pm.  The green beer was flowing as were the $5 Car Bombs, $3 Jameson Shots, and $1 delicious pudding shots made by our manager, Jennifer’s sister.  If you saw a chick running around snapping photos, that’s her!  It was Brooke’s last night, since she’s now moved back up to Ohio to persue other opportunities…and Doug, Brandy, & Maishe were all decked out in their St. Pat’s outfits and IN THE WEEDS for the majority of the evening!  Some local bagpipers graced us with their presence around 8:30pm – they were part of our “St. Patty’s Day Eve Crawl” with all of the bars in the area.  At midnight, we enjoyed our “New Year’s” shot as usual, this time everyone got a free PUDDING SHOT – oatmeal cookie, strawberry cheesecake, pastachio, caramel apple…. they were all to die for!


Last call finally arrives, and the bar is still packed, so everyone ends up going home or to their perspective after-parties…. Then, by 10am Sunday morning, half of them are back again- whether they’ve come to pick up their vehicle that was left from the night before, or to get a jump start on the real St. Patty’s Day celebration with a $1.50 mimosa, screwdriver, bloody mary, or green draft!  By noon, the place is jumpin’ again with The Rev. TEQUILA TOM tearing it up on the 6-string and singin’ his infamous original “The Dek Bar Bike Incident” which he wrote himself from his first-hand witness of the day when one of Cape Coral’s finest forgot to put their cruiser in park and it rolled into a line of motorcycles which incidently fell over knocking over one bike after another, prompting Tom to ask “5-0, don’t you know a bike from a domino?”  The crowd loves him!  The Reverend is in the house each & every Sunday 2-6pm and every week is just as fun as our St. Patty’s Day Celebration was!

IMG_2020-600         IMG_2009-600

Reggie, Diane, Krissy, & Brittney held their own as they were bombarded with orders for corn beef & cabbage, green beers, and Irish Car Bombs!  Tequila Tom shared the stage with some friends, and although there weren’t enough bar stools to go around, no one seemed to mind!  Please check out our facebook to see all of the photos from St. Pat’s weekend, but here’s a small preview!

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