Summer is almost here – Here’s what’s on tap @ The Dek!

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For those of you who live here all year round – Summer means several things:  mostly hot, HOT, rainy weather!  But, don’t forget the good things about living down here year ’round – The snowbirds head back up north and clear the roads, leaving us with a commute that’s now half the time!  Cost of living goes down!  And, best of all, you get to stick around for our awesome events & promotions here @ The Dek!  And, boy do we have a lot of ’em for ya!  Well, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get right into it:

Starting Wednesday, June 18th – every time you get a bucket, pitcher or import bottle that is a Budweiser product here @ The Dek, you will receive a ticket (or tickets!) to be entered in our weekly drawing…  WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY $6,000 worth of bar tabs over the next 12 weeks!  Every TUESDAY from 6-9pm we will draw one winner every half hour to win anything from a free drink up to a $300 gift certificate!!  And we will do it EVERY week!  $500 in bar tabs will be handed out every single Tuesday beginning next week – June 24th @ 6pm!  YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN – and trust me – you don’t want to be somewhere else when we draw your name – you could have won $300!!!  This is just one of the many ways we’re going to be taking care of our regulars this summer!  We also have tons of events planned over the next few months!

On Saturday June 21st we are having our FIRST EVER ABC party….no it’s not for kindergartners. The ABC stands for Anything But Clothes. We are going to be creative with costume here folks!!! Grab the plastic wrap, your living room drapes, duct tape….wait, that might hurt a little….yeah, maybe skip the duct tape. Anyways be creative and fun with your “cover-up” ideas. We are going to have an awesome entertainment line-up consisting of Bonham528, P.A. Trick (visiting from The Keys!), and the wonderful MT40!  Also a special & rare appearance by Fuzz, a local band made up of Cape Coral’s finest!

One of the best things about summer and the one holiday we, as Americans, love is The Fourth of July. Barbeques, picnics, friends, family, beer and fireworks…doesn’t get much better than that. Unless, of course, you can bypass the cooking and mixing of drinks yourself and have our lovely Dek bartenders take care of serving you!! We’re going to cook out and party all day and night!!! We have even been granted, by the city, to use surrounding empty lots around The Dek for party overflow and tent set up!! We are super excited about this! Everyone will be partying and watching fireworks right from our own front yard!  Live music both Friday & Saturday all night long featuring Breaking Through, S.O.R., 12 Stones, & Another Lost Year! 

The Dek’s version of Santa Claus will be gracing us with his presence on Friday, July 25th for a CHRISTMAS IN JULY celebration! Christmas Gifts for everyone!!

It’s going to be one awesome party to the next awesome party around here all summer long! We hope everyone has a wonderful summer full of fun and that they’ll find a lot of fun to be had right here at THE DEK!!

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