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Football season has arrived & The Dek is doing it right… We’re giving away 10 Trips to Fabulous LAS VEGAS!  It’s FREE to enter – here’s the deal:

Stop in The Dek anytime during the week & pick up your “Pick Sheet”

Fill out your sheet with your picks for this week’s games, including your score prediction for the Monday night game (This will be the tie-breaker if there is more than one winner)

Turn in your pick sheet to any bartender before 1:00pm each Sunday

That’s it – it’s that simple – now you’re entered in the contest!!

If you predicted the most amount of correct winners for that week – you’re our big winner!  And if you get ALL of the teams correct – you’ll win a trip to VEGAS!

If we have less than 10 perfect scores this season, the extra trips will be given away during playoffs!  There’s plenty of other prizes, too!  Win tickets to a Dolphins or Bucs game!  Dek gift certificates/Free Bar tabs!  Tons of Budweiser, Miller Lite, & Dek gear including T-shirts, hats, bottle openers, & more!

You must be present to win the Vegas trip, so make sure you come in every Sunday & watch your favorite team play!  We’ve got ALL the games on every week, and 25¢ Wings to boot!

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